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  • One personal contact for the entire logistic chain
  • Transport guidance and handling
  • Selection of carrier
  • Certified handling of hazardous goods
  • Direct ATLAS link
  • Combination possibility of air, sea (sea-air) and land



  • Optimised incoming routing
  • All-in clearance
  • Quality control
  • Track and Trace
  • Preparation and management of documentation
    and customs papers required for air and sea traffic

ITC is directly at Frankfurt Airport as well!

Logistics Ges. mbH has branches near Duesseldorf and directly at Frankfurt Airport. The air freight specialists of the internationally active logistics specialist ITC deal with the air freight of the itc group as well as with direct customer consignments.

Advantages that count!

On account of the advantage of location - directly at Frankfurt Airport - we can offer quick transfer processes and very short cycle times at the airport hub.

  • Acceptance and turnover is ensured seven days a week 24 hours each.
  • We are freight agents authorised by IATA and the German Federal Department of Air Transport. For this reason, we have access to the largest airline pool in the world and are permitted to clear consignments ourselves.
  • Acceptance and conversion from „unsecured“ to „secured“ shipments.


The budget solution

  • Transport consultation and handling
  • Preferred carriers
  • Acquisition and preparation of all documents required
  • Packing/marking/labelling
  • Certified hazardous goods handling
  • Departure control
  • Weekend/public holiday service
  • After-hours clearance
  • Late delivery
  • Door-to-door service

Direct shipments

The direct link between airports. Fall back on defined time windows between departing airport and arriving airport in direct flights. Thus you ensure yourself of guaranteed departure and arrival times.

On-time delivery

Air Express

Speed has priority. Air Express offers you the quickest connection and a first priority Clearance between the airports.

  • Inclusive house/house transport and customs clearance upon request

Worldwide availability of aircrafts

  • Consulting, analysis of routes, weight and time frames
  • A full airplane for you freight
  • All-over control and total transparency.


  • Freight volume dos not fill a full plane.
  • Sharing of capacities with other shippers - thereby possible advantages arise by cost reduction.


ifln logo

ITC is part of the IFLN network. As a member of this global union of sea and air freight agents, we have access to 265 logistics companies in 80 countries, and due to this fact we provide services for you in almost any corner of the world. Combinations of air, sea and land transport provide an effective transport under economic, ecological and primarily deadline aspects. Linked to the national networks, we offer all extra-services on site.

Some examples (worldwide service):

  • LCL/FCL (Less than a Container/Full Container Load)
  • Intermodal transports
  • Trucking on site
  • Distribution
  • Rerouting to air freight
  • Storage including value added services

iata ca rgb


As an official IATA agent ITC Logistics offer you the complete diversity of airfreight traffic. Transparent processes, qualifi ed staff and our global network ensure perfect service and professional consultation. On account of our membership in IATA and IFLN, we have access to a network of 230 airlines in 118 countries as well as to 265 logistics companies in 80 countries.



boeing 1ITC Airfreight Charter Service

Procure yourself competitive advantages with us.  We deliver complex, integrated and tailor made airfreight charter and logistics concepts.

Consulting and the right planning are the Alpha and Omega of smooth process

  • We check diverse, the load ability of the freight, inspect peculiarities, advice you in terms of packaging and coordinate special loading equipment (e.g. cranes)
  • We plan and organize the entire transport chain. On request, we store and consolidate your commodity –also in customs warehouse -
  • Our team is purchasing special permits and supports your charter shipment from A to Z. On request, until it reaches the recipient in the target country.

We work e.g. for the following industries:

  • Automotive, Airmotive
  • Dangerous Goods
  • Heavy industry and plant engineering
  • Oil, gas and mining industries
  • Major projects
  • Valuable goods
  • Living animals
  • Perishable goods
  • Pharmaceutical productsc

Example of an Air Cargo Charter Processing in December 2014

4 Full 747 F-400 Nosedoor for Oman

Willich, 12/2014 - ITC flies around 303 tons special steel  tubes for a new methanol plant to Oman.


Both, 6 long vehicle flat bad trailers ex Krefeld and 2 trailers ex Lindlar were driven directly to Frankfurt Hahn Airport (HHN) and have been secured on-site. 44 crates with each 6.880 kg and 10 tons equipment  were loaded with 2 High-Loaders (Lifting Force: each 20 tons - placed one after another) on four by Boeing 747 F-400 Nosedoor, which were chartered by ITC. The aircrafts flew nonstop to the freight airport DWC Dubai. From there, the delivery was carried out –directed by ITC- 233 km to Oman.

Since 01/01/2015 about 1000 people are now working on the construction of the plant, including of course the shoring of the special steel tubes that particularly withstand high temperatures and extremely high pressure.


seaairIntelligently combined

Sea/Air combination solution in LCL traffic

Less expensive than pure airfreight, but, double as fast as classic sea freight. Sea/Air combination offers a real alternative for our customers who seek inexpensive means of transport without having to do without short times.

An example: Sea freight from Chittagong (Bangladesh) to Dubai in a fortnight.

From Dubai by aircraft to Frankfurt, Düsseldorf or Hamburg in 1 to 2 days results in a total transport time of 15 to 16 days ! This produces saving of 10 to 12 days compared to classic sea freight. The following applies: The closer the departure location is to the aviation hubs, the higher the reduction in transit time.


  • Consolidated Shipments
  • Quality Checks
  • Transport Consulting and Handling
  • Choice of Carrier
  • Certified Handling of Dangerous Goods
  • Worldwide Trucking On-site
  • Tracking and Tracing
  • Container Trucking
  • Optimized Import Routing
  • All-in Customs Clearance


seaSea Freight

Once around the world and back– buy when, where and as you want. We deliver and collect it worldwide!

In cooperation with the leading shipping companies, we offer highly flexible services incorporated into the global network of our worldwide partners. According to our experience, the key to success is best partnership co-operation and qualifi ed consultation and handling staff. We will help you to plan your commitment, and will be pleased to carry out all requested services. This shall include consultation with respect to the relevant documents as well as their preparation, such as:

  • B/L (Bill of Lading)
  • Export accompanying document (formerly export declaration)
  • Customs clearance including T1 preparation and fi scal representation

Examples of different containers incl. measurements (without guarantee)


Type external dimensions   internal measurements        Door Opening    Weight
  Length Width Hight Length Width Hight Volume Width Hight Gross kg
20′ Standard DC (Dry Container) 6.058 2.438 2.591 5.895 2.350 2.392 33,2 m³ 2.340 2.292 24.000
40′ Standard DC (Dry Container) 12.192 2.438 2.591 12.029 2.350 2.392 67,7 m³ 2.340 2.292 30.480 
40′ Standard HC 
(High Cube DC)
12.192 2.438 2.896 12.024 2.350 2.697 76,3 m³ 2.338 2.585


Further Container:

 Type external dimensions     internal measurements      Door Opening    Weight
Typ Length Width Hight Length Width Hight Volume Width Hight gross kg
20′ Reefer Container 6.058 2.438 2.591 5.534 2.316 2.331 29,9 m³ 2.316 2.290 24.000
40′ Reefer Container 12.192 2.438 2.591 11.563 2.294 2.261 60,0 m³ 2.288 2.188 30.480
40′ HC Reefer Container 12.192 2.438 2.896 11.583 2.286 2.532 67,0 m³ 2.294 2.550 34.000
20′ OT(Open Top Container) 6.058 2.438 2.591* 5.897 2.350 2.377* 32,5 m³ 2.338 2.280 24.000
40′ OT(Open Top Container) 12.192 2.438 2.591* 12.030 2.350 2.377* 66,4 m³ 2.338 2.292 30.480
20′ FT(Flat Rack Container) 6.058 2.438 2.591* 5.612 2.210 2.213* 33,0 m³   24.850
40′ FT(Flat Rack Container) 12.192 2.438 2.896* 11.826 2.224 1.981* 67,0 m³   30.480
20′ Plattform 6.058 2.438 335             20.500
40′ Plattform 12.192 2.438 620             40.750

Short Sea Container

  45′ Pallet-Width (ECS) 
45′ x 8′ x 9′6′′ 
13,716 m x 2,5 m x 2,896 m
Internal measurements Length 13,556 m
Width 2,420 m
Hight 2,697 m
Door Measurements Width 2,338 m
Hight 2,585 m
Weight Gross 30,480 t
Empty 4,800 t
Load 25,680 t
Volume   86 m³

ifln logoAir & Sea Freight Network

iata ca rgbIn cooperation with our worldwide country organisations we offer:

  • Airfreight - Direct Shipments, Groupage Cargo, Express, Charter/part and full charter
  • Seafreight (groupage and Container loads)
  • Project Management
  • Customs Clearance
  • Transport and warehouse services
  • Tracking


In cooperation with the leading cargo airlines and shipping companies, we offer highly flexible services, integrated into the global network of our worldwide partners. The key to success lies in our experience, best partnership collaborations and qualified consulting and execution personnel. We help you in the planning and are happy to take all the required services.


As an official IATA agent ITC Logistics offer you the complete diversity of airfreight traffic.
Transparent processes, qualified staff and our global network ensure perfect service and professional consultation. On account of our membership in IATA and IFLN, we have access to a network of 230 airlines in 118 countries as well as to 225 logistics companies in 90 countries.